Showoffs’ A Solo Show By Australian Artist, Heather Meyerratken at Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, Kent


Press release 31st August 2016

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‘Showoffs’ A Solo Show By Australian Artist Heather Meyerratken at the Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, Kent

“The effect of showing off is multiplied by social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter”

Heather Meyerratken is a fine artist from the far outback in Western Australia who works in London on the themes of memory and found images.  Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Japan, New York, China and London.

She is holding her Debut Solo Exhibition, “Showoffs”, at the Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, from 17th September to 7th October. The exhibition comprises a collection of 50’s and 60’s inspired prints depicting cars, girls and boys, capturing the vanity, swagger and self-satisfaction of their defining moments.

Speaking about her exhibition, Heather says: “Humans have an innate need to show off what they possess in order to elevate and define themselves. I have specifically chosen these images for their composition, content, humour and quirky nature, and of course the element of showing off. The subject matter references our inherent need to use material possessions and experiences as a marker for success. We generally all have the need to ‘show’ someone by photographing the experience, car, house, etc and never has this been more prevalent than now, with the use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media.

As I sifted though these mostly retro fifties images, I discovered this pattern has always been around. This need to show off our latest partner, car, child, house, etc. had never been more important to people in general than in the post-war boom times.”

Heather has developed a novel technique of hand screen printing on to fly-wire mesh, an open lattice that holds the four colours of the image in suspension.  The floating image varies as the viewer changes perspective, sliding between clarity and intensity, and mimicking our own experience of fading memory.

Her new work, SHOWOFFS, is a series of CMYK hand pulled, screen printed images and is a continuum from her Mistaken Identity series. Most of the images are taken from transparencies; however, she began collecting more and more black-and-white photographs, which opened a new possibility to begin hand colouring and painting the images before the printing process. As a consequence, the more she printed, the more painterly they became.

Heather is an Australian artist living in London. She completed her MA in Visual Arts and Printmaking at Camberwell Art College with Distinction in 2013. It is here that she developed a unique method of printing on steel mesh. She works between her studio in Shoreditch and Thames Side Print Studios, and has exhibited in Australia, Japan, New York, China and London.

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See image below of Heather Meyerratken’s work ‘Babe on the Bonnet’






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