Up to 1000 hp for the special models Audi RS 6 and RS 7 Legacy Edition





Innovative technology from ABT Sportsline for even more power: Up to 1000 hp for the special models Audi RS 6 and RS 7 Legacy Edition 



True to the adage that standing still is going backwards, ABT Sportsline, the world’s largest tuner of vehicles from the VW Group, has developed a new innovative technology for the recently presented special models RS 6 and RS 7 Legacy Edition. With this, the impressive performance of the 4.0l bi-turbo engines (DJPB) with 603 kW (820 hp, V-max 330 km/h)* can be increased once again to 736 kW (1000 hp)** and approx. 1150 Nm.


IWI is the name of the advanced new system. The Indirect Water/Ethanol-Injection is fitted in front of the engine’s two throttle valves. This additional injection system is regulated by the electronic control unit, also newly developed by ABT Sportsline especially for this purpose, and works in combination with the AEC system. Ethanol is particularly well suited due to its availability and good physical values. “The IWI technology offers us the thermodynamic advantages to be able to display the most enduring power output in these performance regions. Through IWI injection, we ensure very strong internal cooling of the engine. This allows more charge air or oxygen to be supplied for the combustion of the fuel, resulting in permanently higher performance,” says Thomas Biermaier, Managing Director of ABT Sportsline, explaining how the innovative system works.


Activating the IWI system via the RS button on the steering wheel


The new IWI system is activated via the RS buttons on the steering wheel of the RS 6 LE and RS 7 LE. To activate it, the RS button must be held down for one second in the drive cycle in one of the two RS modes. The additional power then becomes available when needed. With the IWI system activated, maximum performance is demanded from the vehicle with every spirited press of the accelerator pedal.


Optimized engine components


Additional components from ABT Sportsline are necessary for the 1000 hp conversion. These include, for example, a carbon intake system with enlarged turbo air intakes and optimised turbochargers. In addition, ABT Sportsline gave the two vehicles special intercoolers with enlarged air intakes in the front apron. The package also includes forged pistons with compression reduction, reinforced connecting rods and piston pins, sports catalytic converter with petrol particle filter, an exhaust system and additional oil coolers.


Additional water/ethanol tank fitted


The Indirect Water/Ethanol Injection (IWI)* is supplied via a tank (usable tank volume 15 litres) in the boot recess. The filler neck for the ABT IWI liquid is located under the standard fuel filler flap. Ideally, one IWI tank filling is sufficient for up to 3000 kilometres. This corresponds to a consumption of 0.5l per 100 kilometres***. The fuel level is monitored by a level sensor and displayed in the APP myABT or in the MMI via Apple CarPlay. The required ABT IWI fluid can be conveniently reordered via the myABT app. In addition to many performance data of the vehicles, the system status or the filling level of the IWI tank can also be viewed in the app.


https://www.abt-sportsline.com/abt-limited-editions/abt-1000-hp ****



* Developed exclusively for vehicles with IWI.


** To achieve the maximum power of 1000hp, fuelling with 102ROZ fuel and activation of the water ethanol injection is required. When fuelled with 98ROZ, a power output of 699kW/940hp at 1050 Nm is achieved. CO2 emissions: combined 284 g/km according to the calculation formula under the explanatory notes to Appendix 2 of Article 44 of EU Directive 858/2018.


*** Greater use of the IWI system may reduce the range.


**** Package price with LE package and IWI technology € 205,000 gross, incl. installation, plus base vehicle price for Audi RS 6 or RS 7 and TÜV



The engine performance figures comply with the requirements of EEC/80/1269. The procedure and the test bench manufacturer have been verified and approved by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find further details on https://www.abt-sportsline.com/performance-measurement.




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Company profile of ABT Sportsline

As the world’s largest specialist for automotive aftermarket and performance parts for the Audi, VW, Seat, CUPRA and Skoda brands, the name ABT Sportsline is world-renowned. The product line ranges from more engine power to body kits, over suspensions and interior design, to an extensive collection of alloy wheels. However, the Bavaria-based company, which has its roots in 1896, stands for much more. Today, several attractive subsidiaries with a total of 210 employees join forces under the umbrella of the ABT Group. In doing so, they elegantly combine innovation and tradition. When it comes to drivetrain technology, the German company always has its finger on the pulse of the times: through ABT e-Line GmbH, the areas of electric and alternative mobility are covered as a further strong pillar of the company. And of course ABT Sportsline also stands for top-level motorsport, as it always has. This is demonstrated by the success story in the DTM, which continues right up to the present day, as well as the current involvement in the forward-looking electric racing series Extreme E and Formula E.




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