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****** LONGi presents “STAR Innovative Ecological Collaboration Platform” at Intersolar 2023 to build global ecosystem for PV innovation
Today, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. debuted its “STAR Innovative Ecological Cooperation Platform” in Europe during this year’s Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Germany. The global platform will focus on the development of PV innovation technology and serve as an enabler for building a coalition of international experts from science, industry, academics, and civil society and foster open sharing, innovation and mutual exchange. Its mission is to promote innovation trends, gathering global ideas, integrating solutions, connecting high-quality resources, and promoting technological innovation in the global photovoltaic industry to build a world-leading green energy ecosystem.
Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, commented: “The platform runs under the theme “Technology Innovation-From Possible to Feasible” and was developed to build a global zero-carbon technology innovation center and a global collaborative innovation ecosystem. To make solar for all in the world accessible and affordable, we need to continuously promote the improvement of the global photovoltaic technology. This will only be possible when we work together and join global forces.”
Three major implementation strategies set out platform’s framework
In order to help the platform achieve the above goals, LONGi has initially developed three strategic pillars. The first one looks at innovative planning systems, technological breakthrough projects, simulation design systems and entrepreneurial incubation strategies. The second one will focus on building collaboration platforms with industrial chains and academic circles whereas the last one will deal with innovation funds, project incentives and expert systems.
The platform will gather experts from universities, research institutes, technology research companies, industrial chain startups, PV companies, consulting institutions and many more.
LONGi has a long history of building strategic collaboration partnerships
LONGi looks back on long-standing cooperations with renowned institutes and scientific research institutions which are, to a large extent, intended to implement zero-carbon-oriented energy research projects and promote the sustainable development of green energy.
As part of its academic circles, LONGi has already established close ties with world-renowned universities such as the University of New South Wales in Australia and the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.
LONGi has successfully incubated several leading innovative technologies
Previously, LONGi has successfully incubated several leading innovative technologies in the industry through collaborative innovation with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. This includes achieving breakthroughs with LAPLACE in the mass production of the PERC cell technology and next-generation high-efficiency cell storage. LONGi has also been working with DR Laser to apply laser micro-etching technology to the industrialization of HPBC. Also, LONGi cooperated with Shenzhen Goldstone on graphite boats and thermal field insulation products. They have all contributed to cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, and overall advancement in the industry. Additionally, the cost of photovoltaic electricity could also be reduced.
LONGi plans introduction of global technology challenge
LONGi intends the launch a global technology challenge in the future, aiming to discover outstanding talents in cutting-edge technologies and related fields around the world. This will pose a further essential corner stone that allows for new industry incubation and technological upgrading. It also fuels into LONGi’s fundamental guiding principles to continuously improve the solar cell conversion efficiency and reduce costs across the entire photovoltaic industry through the industrialization of advanced technologies.
“Embracing an open ecosystem to foster global photovoltaic innovation for the next decade and beyond is another important step towards carbon neutrality. We are proud about this unwavering commitment to technological innovation throughout the company. It underscores our global leadership as a responsible corporate citizen. We seek to build a fully open ecosystem that unites all innovative forces, and constantly promotes high-quality innovation in the solar industry”, said Nick Wang, Vice President of LONGi Europe for DG.
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