Godzilla x Kong Enlists Superhero Craftsman Legend

Hi Maurizio,

We would love to arrange an interview with you and renowned craftsman Bear Walker, the famed skateboard craftsman, artist, comic book/film/video game/superhero fanatic featured in HypeBeast, The New York Times, and Forbes to name a few. Bear is releasing a limited edition Godzilla x Kong collection. We would love for you to be the first to see it, along with his fan-favorite comic/superhero collections that sell out worldwide as soon as they drop.


Celebrities like Jason Momoa, “Shazam!” star Zachary Levi, and singer Billie Eilish all own custom boards from Bear Walker. These premium collector items are unique in their complete lack of grip tape (the only councils in the world to offer this.) Instead of grip tape, the wood and character design are carved for ultimate traction and a statement design. As a result, each board is truly one of a kind.


Bear collaborates with the biggest name in comics and Hollywood. Marvel recently tapped Bear Walker for a limited-edition set of skateboards featuring the comic book company's most beloved superheroes. All hand-crafted and carved by Walker and his team in the U.S., the Marvel Series 1 collection features four skateboards depicting Iron ManBlack PantherHulk, and Wolverine. Bear will share with you his latest Marvel skateboard Spider-Man drop, which is set to sell out when it goes live on his website at the end of this month.


This Comic/Sci-Fi/Horror fanatic & famed designer is changing the face of skateboarding and pushing it into the future with his one-of-a-kind wood-carved grip featuring Pokemon, Star Wars, Pokemon, The Joker, Stranger Things, IT, Black Panther, Avengers, The Flash & more, making his skateboards into rideable works of art.


Bear Walker Boards are made with only the highest quality maple ply. This maple allows the board to flex slightly but remains strong for the smoothest ride possible. Oil-based stain and five layers of clear coat ensure its durability in any weather. In addition to only using the highest quality materials, the company plants one tree for every board sold.  


We look forward to arranging an interview with you and Bear Walker to share his innovative and groundbreaking skateboard-making process. We can be reached via email at AGPR@AndersonGroupPR.com or 323-655-1008 to schedule.


Thank you!

James & Kelsea

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