Disney’s First Live-Action Trans Actress Sits Down to Intimate Interview with Christy Carlson Romano

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On today's new episode of Christy Carlson Romano's video podcast series “Vulnerable,” she sits down with Disney's first live-action Puerto Rican transgendered actor Juliana Joel to discuss her journey in the entertainment industry, safety issues having grown up in Florida, accidentally outing themselves, being forced to attend conversion therapy camp, being kicked out by her family having grown up in a very traditional catholic military surrounding, and much more! We would love your support in this episode by posting about the new episode! Please see below for full episode link. **Please note that this is a story to be shared and is not an interview opportunity, but should you want to request an interview, they will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Juliana Joel Vulnerable Episode


As featured on Good Morning America, Disney icon Christy Carlson Romano’s (Disney’s “Even Stevens,” “Kim Possible,” CADET KELLY), “Vulnerable” is a podcast series created by Christy and her husband Brendan Rooney to shine a light on the full journey of their celebrity guest’s careers including their successes, failures as well as all the ups and downs and in between. Similar to Christy’s viral and intimate “Walk & Talk” YouTube series, the podcast will continue the conversation with their wide range of guests including actors, athletes, doctors, influencers, experts in their own respected fields and more. “Vulnerable” was created to cut through the clickbait headlines and let guests set the record straight and give their fans a deeper look into their full journey. The podcast appears on Apple Podcasts, Christy’s YouTube Channel (358K Subscribers), and short clips also appear on Christy’s TikTok page (1 Million+ Followers). 

Best known for her roles in Disney's “Kim Possible”, “Even Stevens”, CADET KELLY, Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and so much more Christy is an Emmy nominated actor, singer, mother and content creator whose YouTube channel went viral over the last year for her intimate and honest videos covering her career overall, personal struggles and more. Most recently released two podcast series “Vulnerable,” and “I Hear Voices” which was just recently featured on Good Morning America.

Christy has been in the industry from such a young age, getting her start in theater and musicals, Christy moved out to Los Angeles at the age of 14 to star in the now iconic Disney comedy “Even Stevens” as ‘Ren,’ the older, high achieving, scholastically gifted sister of ‘Louis Stevens,’ portrayed by Shua LaBeouf. Christy would go on to film a plethora of other films including TAKE FIVE, THE CUTTING EDGE: 2 & 3, and CAMPUS CONFIDENTIAL, to name a few. While attending university, Christy met her now husband Brendan Rooney and tied the knot on New Year’s Eve in 2013.


When Christy is not busy filming episodes of her podcasts or creating online viral content, she can be found spending time with her husband and two daughters exploring their surroundings in the Austin, TX area. They love to lead a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy balance of eating right, working out, and spending quality time with the family.

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