$1.8 Billion Opioid Settlement Lawyer Tackles Gun Manufacturers & Congress

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Following his widely circulated article (HERE) published this week on Bloomber Law, we would love to arrange an interview with you and attorney & law professor Jeffrey B. Simon, who says America’s debate on gun violence and “oversupply” should focus on options that don’t infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights—specifically repealing federal tort immunity for gun manufacturers and dealers.

Jeffrey recently won a historic $1.8 billion settlement with Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical giants for opioid harm reduction in the state of Texas. He now has crosshairs set on the gun industry, where he is on a mission to get Congress to repeal the special immunity it gave to the gun industry. Jeffrey has spent his career representing consumers and workers who have been killed, crippled, poisoned, or cheated by others– most commonly, by large corporations.


According to Jeffrey, what’s missing today from the gun violence debate is discussions that exist that do not infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights, specifically repealing Federal tort immunity for gun manufacturers and dealers.


In addition to the gun violence debate, Jeffrey can discuss all things Opioid Crisis in America and Consumer Rights Issues in the news, such as recent headlines:


  • Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder $8.9 Billion Settlement: Given that Jeffrey was involved in the $1.8 Billion Johnson & Johnson opioid case, he can give you an insider perspective on what this means for consumers and J&J.


  • Over The Counter NARCAN FDA Approval: Jeffrey secured $75 million of NARCAN Nasal Spray to be distributed across Texas, a life-saving drug that can reverse opioid overdose when administered in time.


This Summer, Jeffrey is releasing his new book Last Rights: The Fight to Save the 7th Amendment, where through the compelling tales of real courtroom drama, he exposes the insidious influence of corporate greed and political power on our civil justice system and collective safety. Last Rights is a wake-up call to consumers and lawmakers to take collective, corrective action before restoration of our civil justice system becomes unachievable.


Jeffrey also hosts the Outside Counsel podcast series, which offers unprecedented insight into the ways in which the wool continues to get pulled over our eyes by major companies & lawmakers. He exposes the truth about how Big Pharma deceived the public about the dangers of prescription opioids, which led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths and counting.


Jeffrey has spent 30+ years fighting to protect consumer rights and giving a greater voice to those affected & the importance of this struggle, and we look forward to sharing his expertise and experiences with you.


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