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Browse knowing you're protected

Browse knowing you’re protected


There are internet searches we’d rather keep to ourselves. That’s where private windows come in handy, when you really don’t want anyone using the family computer to know about things like your random medical self-diagnoses searches or birthday gift ideas.

The new Firefox update gives private browsing an automatic dark theme, so you know right away if you’re in the window that will forget your very personal searches. And if you have a lot of those, you can now pin your private window to your taskbar on Windows OS, to get there in one click. 


Set Firefox as your default browser

Let Firefox work for you 

Now you can edit your PDFs directly in the Fiirefox browser

Firefox handles all your PDFs


Have you ever frantically tried searching for a program or app to help you fill out some paperwork in the form of a PDF? Now you can forget that stress and edit all your PDFs directly in Firefox. 


Now you can copy text from images in the Firefox browser for macOS

Copy text from images


Where did we get the headline above? We snagged it right from this image. Firefox on macOS now recognizes text on images, and lets you copy, select and paste it. It’s even case-sensitive, so it doesn’t look all janky afterwards.

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