FCA Bank enters into a partnership with ElectricBrands, maker of the Evetta microcar and the modular XBus

FCA Bank enters into a partnership with ElectricBrands, maker of the Evetta microcar and the modular XBus
The Bank will provide end customers and dealers with its financial, insurance and mobility services, designed to make the German start-up’s iconic, fully-electric vehicles more accessible.
The pan-European partnership includes the three brands marketed by ElectricBrands: the Nito e-scooter, the Evetta microcar and the XBUS modular microbus. Turin, 12 September 2022
FCA Bank is injecting new life into its growth strategy, with the aim of fostering the spread of urban electric mobility. The Bank, with almost one hundred years of experience in car financing, has signed a pan-European partnership with ElectricBrands, a German start-up known for its iconic zero-emission models and a company at the cutting edge of the mobility scene.
FCA Bank will provide its financial, insurance and mobility services to dealers and end customers of ElectricBrands in Europe: a wide range of innovative and flexible solutions designed to make the fully-electric vehicles marketed by the start-up more accessible. These vary from the e-scooters  produced by the Turin-based company Nito to the Evetta microcar, inspired by the iconic Isetta (orders opened in July), and the XBUSmodular microbus, which can be configured in nine different versions, from pick-up to camper van, and have a driving range of 200 kilometers.
The partnership is the result of a commitment shared by both FCA Bank and ElectricBrands to promote an environmentally friendly urban lifestyle. The spread of a more sustainable and democratic mobility has long been one of the FCA Bank’s growth drivers. Through this agreement, FCA Bank will be able to combine its strength and experience with the innovative spirit of the German start-up, a sector pioneer.
“We are delighted with this new agreement with ElectricBrands, a company with an original personality, capable of bringing a breath of fresh air to the urban electric mobility sector,” said Giacomo Carelli, CEO and General Manager of FCA Bank. “This collaboration offers a valuable opportunity for our Bank to shape the mobility of the future, as it brings to bear its experience and projects itself even more decisively into the future with its unique innovation, flexibility and style”.
Hans Stryewski, Chief Operating Officer of ElectricBrands: “We are looking forward to working with FCA Bank. Together, we want to engage in promoting eco-friendly and urban lifestyles. ElectricBrands’ innovative spirit is complemented by FCA Bank’s strengths and experience – a promising combination to take another step towards the future together”.
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About ElectricBrands
ElectricBrands AG is a German manufacturer of sustainable and innovative electric vehicles and aims to define the mobility of the future. The company develops and sells electric-powered light vehicles with high sustainability and usability for different customer groups.
ElectricBrands’ first product is the XBUS, a light electric vehicle in the L7E class, which has already been in development since 2018. The first prototype of the XBUS was presented to the global public in July 2021 and is scheduled for market launch next year. Special features include recyclability, efficient drive systems, the integration of solar cells, the interchangeable system for battery modules and the various module assemblies, which customers can change independently. With the acquisition of Artega and the production of the Evetta, small electric vehicles will also be added. ElectricBrands is also the exclusive distributor of the e-scooters and e-bikes of the Italian brand NITO bikes. ElectricBrands has a comprehensive dealer and service network in Europe and will expand it worldwide in the near future.
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